SBC Bike & Box Studio

SBC Bike & Box Studio is a small group training facility that offers indoor cycling classes, cycle-boxing and cycle -“HIIT” combination classes, outdoor bootcamp classes at the Saratoga Spa State Park and “HIIT” 30 (high Intensity Interval training) 30 minute circuit classes!

SBC Bike & Box is unique in that we are the first studio in the area to offer a 30 minute HIIT circuit class that is available with flexible class times! This 30 minute circuit is designed for all fitness abilities. You can go at a speed that is right for you and then when you are ready, take it to the next level!

What makes “HIIT 30” different?

  • Get a great workout in just 30 minutes
  • Hit every muscle group in each workout
  • Get a different workout everyday
  • Flexible class times
  • Heart rate technology option to measure results
  • All classes led by qualified group fitness instructors

Indoor Cycling Classes

We know cycling is a great workout, but let’s be real — no one wants to go out and ride a bike in pouring rain, freezing weather, or on a scorching summer day.

Rocking out to some fast paced tunes in a darkened room with a motivating coach? Now that's more our style.

(Class sizes are limited… Sign up is Required!)

“Just Ride”

A 50 minute, high intensity indoor cycle workout session that will get your heart pumping and give you that high calorie burn.

This workout will lead you through speed and resistance intervals on the state of the art Schwinn Sport indoor bicycles, all while being motivated and inspired.

(Class size is limited to 12… Sign up is Required!)

“HIIT 30”

This 30 minute high intensity interval circuit class will hit every part of your body! There are 8 stations that are 3 minutes each with a 30 sec rest in between stations using equipment such as hand weights, steps, BOSU Balls, a pull-up bar, TRX, kettlebells, bands, medicine balls, heavy weight bags and the BOXMASTER.

This workout is instructor led with flexible class times. Just show up and we will put you through an incredible workout in just 30 minutes!

No sign up needed | *Boxing gloves are required*

Bootcamps in the Park

A 60 minute outdoor bootcamp class that is held outdoors at the Saratoga Spa State Park (by the Hall of Springs) during the summer months. Workouts include interval training, body weight resistance and cardiovascular training to keep you and your body guessing. Weights, towel, water and mat are required for this workout.

(Class sizes are limited… Sign up is Required!)

“Bike & Box”

This 60 minute class is a combination of indoor cycling and kickboxing. This combo class blends two of the most exhilarating and effective means of cardio fitness into a calorie torching class. This class will start with 30 minutes on the bike and then finish with 30 minutes of boxing intervals using various heavy bags and the “BOXMASTER”.

(Class size is limited to 12… Sign up is Required!)

*Boxing gloves are required for this class

TRX Suspension Training

A nonstop, full out, TRX Suspension Workout! Build overall strength, balance and flexibility with this total body conditioning.

All Core... All Time.

(TRX Class space is limited, so Registration is Required!)

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Drop-In Classes

Traveling on business, going on vacation, or just want to try it out before signing up for the full program? Then come on down! We welcome you to drop in on any scheduled class.

How to Drop In:

  • Simply check the Schedule to see when and where class will be taking place.

“Ride & HIIT”

This is a 60 minute class where bootcamp meets the bike! A traditional indoor cycle class is combined with high intensity “bootcamp style” training. Classes will start with a warm-up on the bike then alternate between intervals on and off the bike working the entire body.

(Class size is limited to 12… Sign up is Required!)

Always an option that works for you!

"HIIT" 30 Drop-In Express Class | $10

30 Minute Drop-In Class. Perfect for the that quick lunch break or just before work...

Drop-In Class | $15

Drop-In on any regular scheduled class.

5-Class Card | $65

Get the 5-Class Card 2-Month Expiration from first use. (Only $13 per class)

10-Class Card | $125

10-Class Card for only $125.00 3-Month Expiration from ist use (only $12.50 per class)

All Access Unlimited Plan | $115

The All Access Unlimited Pass is valid for unlimited classes for an entire month.

Monthly Auto Pay | $99

Save with the Monthly Auto Pay Pass, only $99.00 for a month of Unlimited Classes.

Where to find us

Check the map to locate our studio in Saratoga Springs, New York.

250 Washington Street
West Hill Plaza, Suite 101
Saratoga Springs, New York