Bootcamp Rocks

Hey Kim and Heather,

Bootycamp continues to rock my world....thanks very, very much for 2 really great summer sessions. I can't tell you how much I benefit from them!

Happy vacationing. :)


What's for Fall?

I loveddddd bootcamp, I am definitely hooked! We recruited a couple friends for the August session (they are going to LOVE us :-)!) and we are coming three days a week this time! Do you guys have anything in the fall?

We’re looking forward to it!


Jai ho!

Hello ladies,

Thanks for a great session and a particularly noteworthy class this morning – my calves say thank you, by the way. Seriously, I do love class despite my outward appearance in the early AM hours…

On another note, if you ever want to know what it’s like to spend an entire day with the song “jai ho” stuck in your head..when you don’t actually know the words… just give me a jingle….I’ll fill you in

…you are my destiny… JAI HO!...blah de blah dee dee JAI HO!!!

-Alyssa S.

Can't Wait!

Can't wait until August session starts! Since I started with Saratoga Bootcamp in March, I've lost 27lbs. The trainers are all amazing; they're fit, knowledgeable and motivating. No workout is ever the same and each week builds on the last so you see results.

Just Had to Share!

I just wanted to share with you that I ran in the Freihofer's Run last weekend and beat my PR by over a minute for that race!!!!!! I have to attribute my faster time to my increase in core strength (among other physical improvements) since beginning Saratoga Bootcamp. Being faster on my feet isn't the only change I've noticed, either. For the first time since my participation in collegiate sports, I'm not dreading the swimsuit season! I'm so glad I found your program- or rather, glad Casey dragged me out of bed at 5:30am in December:)

Thanks for everything you guys do!

-Jen R.

In Good hands...

Hello Heather, Kim and Michelle,

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how happy I am with your program. The April program was my first and I was very much impressed with all of you.

I have to tell you that I researched all of the "Bootcamp" type programs in the area and I found your website to be the most impressive so I signed up. I was not disappointed. Your 3 week program was all I had hoped for and more.

Everyone was very warm and welcoming, but when it got down to it, you were all business. I was particularly impressed with the change in program that was consistent and refreshing. You have a whole lot of training in your backgrounds and it shows. I was also happy to see that you were well aware of our limits and that was consistent as well. No matter which instructor was teaching the class that day, I was always in good hands. Thank you for that.

I have already done so and will continue to let people know what a great program you have.

Thank you again,

-Liana C.


Hi Kim,

Congrats to you guys on your one year anniversary. Just want to thank you as well for a great program. I love boot camp... the whole atmosphere, camaraderie, and hard work.


-Staci M.

Thank You!

Hi Girls,

So this is SO corny but I wanted to send you a note and just say that I am loving bootcamp. All the sessions are great, but now that I'm doing the four day a week I'm really loving it. I was so behind with my fitness this fall when I changed jobs and was traveling a lot, and you guys have helped me get back to place where I feel a bit better about things. You are all awesome trainers and I just want you to know that I absolutely love your program.

-Casey I.

No 5k’ six!!

Last summer, I had just started working out with Saratoga Bootcamp and had never run a 5K. Flash forward one year and I recently ran my sixth 5K race. I'd never have even attempted a 5K if I hadn't discovered Saratoga Bootcamp. The trainers are great and offer just the right encouragement. Workouts are intense but the ladies definitely keep it fun by always mixing things up.

-Suzanne K.

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